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We mediate disputes, investigate misconduct, consult on cases on a fee or contingency basis, and will co-counsel with other firms. Give us a call. We resolve disputes: Richard Seymour is listed as an Arbitrator of the American Arbitration Association’s Commercial Arbitrator Panel and its Employment Panel, on the Arbitration and Mediation panel of the American Health Lawyers Association, is listed on and is listed on SuperLawyers.
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We help settle disputes for clients nationwide.

Settling a case allows both sides to “lock in” a definite amount of relief at a definite time, and avoid the expense, uncertainty, and delay of further litigation.



Mediation is the quickest and most flexible way to resolve a dispute. An agreement can contain terms unobtainable in court, so it has a greater potential for a win-win resolution.

The parties have more control over the process and result than they would have in a contested setting.

Need help with a dispute?

What is 7+4?

Early Neutral Evaluation

Early neutral evaluation systems help the parties achieve more realistic evaluations of cases, without necessarily trying to resolve them (but often doing just that).

The parties can choose the structure they want.

How to Choose Me for Arbitration, Mediation, or Early Neutral Evaluation

If both sides agree on me for your matter, call or e-mail me to set up a preliminary conference call. Let me know the parties, attorneys, and witnesses so I can check for conflicts of interest.

Included on:

  • AAA Commercial Arbitration Roster
  • AAA Employment Arbitration Roster
  • American Health Lawyers Association Arbitration and Mediation Roster
  • SuperLawyers

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Arbitration is faster and more flexible than a court for resolving a dispute.

  • Faster because it is usually just months from filing the claim to getting the award, and there is generally no appeal.
  • More flexible because the parties can choose the arbitrator and specify the rules they want to govern the arbitration, including their choice of court rules to follow strictly or as a guide.
  • Each party gets the discovery they show the arbitrator is important to the claims or defenses.
  • Motions are resolved in hours or days, not months.
  • Arbitrators want to hear and see witnesses and consider their demeanor, so there is little summary-judgment practice on adequacy-of-evidence issues.
  • Summary judgment practice on such issues is the major driver of discovery and expense. With assurance of an actual trial, a lot less discovery is needed: fewer depositions and fewer documents, for a more just result.

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